Biofeedback involves measuring a person’s physical functions such as temperature, sweat gland activity, muscle tension, blood pressure, and heart rate. Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that involves encephalography (EEG) or “brain wave” feedback.

With the ability to view your body’s physiology in real time, you can gain control over your physiological functioning. Training can focus on specific targets such as phobias, anger, panic attacks, high blood pressure, headaches, test anxiety, attention deficit, stroke, and more. It can also focus on more global aspects of functioning such as general relaxation training. These interventions (biofeedback and neurofeedback) have been well-researched and applied toward numerous medical problems. Please see the following links for more information about specific disorders and treatment outcomes:

Biofeedback at the Medical Psychology Center

Prior to starting treatment, a comprehensive history will be obtained and treatment/assessment options will be discussed. Dr. Billiot typically starts biofeedback treatment with a psychophysiological stress profile. This is an assessment technique to identify problematic bodily responses. With this information, a treatment plan is formulated.  

Learning about stress related responses via biofeedback often requires home practice.  Home training devices are available and these can assist with the speed of recovery.  We do not sell these devices, but do rent them so that our patients can try them before making a decision to buy.

Neurofeedback at the Medical Psychology Center

Weekly sessions are recommended for optimal benefit from neurofeedback. Consistent attendance is required to benefit from this intervention.

Quantitative Neurofeedback Pre-Treatment Assessment

Neurofeedback patients will typically be asked to obtain a QEEG evaluation prior to starting treatment. Dr. Billiot offers a comprehensive 19 channel brainmap (QEEG) data acquisition (collection). The data will be securely sent to Brain Science International for interpretation which includes Full Quantitative EEG analysis with medical interpretation of EEG and QEEG. The fees for this vary depending on how quickly the report needs to be generated, but typically cost $800.

For more information, visit Brain Science International or phone our office for more information about this process.